What's Eating Your Profit?

Prof. Olivier Sparagano, Dr. Linnea Newman, Dr. Ian Lowery

Genetics in Action! UK Hy-Line Brown Results

John Widdowson

Best Hy-Line Brown Flocks in Europe

Dr. Greg Celliers

Managing Heat Stress in Layers

Dr. Ian Rubinoff, Dr. Greg Celliers, Mr. Justin Emery

Management of Fully Beaked Flocks

Learn management best practices for fully beaked flocks

Nutrition for Fully Beaked Flocks 

Learn nutrition best practices for fully beaked flocks.

Hy-Line Webinar Series

Part 1: Extending Lay with Dr. Ian Rubinoff

Learn about the genetic potential in Hy-Line layers when extending your flocks, including maintaining excellent feather cover, livability, shell quality and much more from Dr. Ian Rubinoff, Director of Global Technical Services for Hy-Line International.

Part 2: Nutrition for Persistency with Marcus Kenny

Learn the most effective nutrition for Hy-Line flocks coming into lay to ensure great performance through extended lay from Mr. Marcus Kenny, nutritionist for Hy-Line International.

Part 3: Preparing Flocks for Extended Lay with Dr. Greg Celliers

Learn the most effective management for your future Hy-Line flocks to ensure great performance through extended lay from Dr. Greg Celliers, Global Technical Services Veterinarian for Hy-Line International. This webinar includes recommendations for receiving day-old-chicks, pullet management and more.