hy-line in business 80 years

Hy-line International

Hy-Line International, Hy-Line UK’s parent company, was founded in 1936. Hy-Line has access to one of the world's most extensive gene pools and the Hy-Line brand dominates the huge American egg industry.

Internationally, Hy-Line International has developed a distribution system that covers more than 110 countries worldwide. Hy-Line breeds are sold in the northern and southern hemispheres from the Artic to the Antarctic through a network of national distributors, wholly owned subsidiaries and joint venture organisations.




Technical update : Infrared Beak Treatment


Beak trimming has traditionally been the standard practice in the egg industry to reduce injury, pain and stress associated with aggression and feather pecking among birds.

Pig & Poultry Fair 2016


Hy-Line UK is delighted to once again be exhibiting at The British Pig & Poultry Fair.

Hy-Line 20th anniversary celebration

On 1st October, Hy-Line UK, celebrated its 20th anniversary by holding a celebratory dinner 
at its world-class Millennium Hatchery in Studley.

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