hy-line in business 80 years

Hy-line International

Hy-Line International, Hy-Line UK’s parent company, was founded in 1936. Hy-Line has access to one of the world's most extensive gene pools and the Hy-Line brand dominates the huge American egg industry.

Internationally, Hy-Line International has developed a distribution system that covers more than 110 countries worldwide. Hy-Line breeds are sold in the northern and southern hemispheres from the Artic to the Antarctic through a network of national distributors, wholly owned subsidiaries and joint venture organisations.




Nigel Butcher switches Hy-Line UK roles

Nigel Butcher has taken over the role of Production and Technical Director as of the 1st July 2015. He will be handing over his role as Managing Director to Omead Serati. Omead, who joined Hy-Line UK earlier this year as Commercial Director UK and Europe, brings extensive operational and commercial experience to the role.

New Techincal Update: Understanding Poultry Lighting


Light is critical for egg production and pullet growth. In most housing systems, artificial light is utilised to maximise production in pullets, layers and breeders.

Today, a variety of different bulbs are available to illuminate the inside of a poultry house, all of which have benefits and shortcomings.


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Terry Ellener receives Lifetime Achievement Award at the British Free Range Egg Producers’ Association Annual Award

2014’s Free Range Awards were distributed recently and a retired Hy-Line UK employee received a lifetime achievement award.

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