We have successfully completed two flocks of Hy-Line both through our multi-tier and flat deck system.  I was amazed at the feather cover of the Hy-Line bird and without a doubt they are the best feathered birds I've ever had at 74 weeks.  Another impressive trait of the Hy-Line was their liveability, at 74 weeks we had an outstanding  3.1% mortality.  Our most recent flock of Hy-Line browns was housed in February and we are excited to see even more improvements with the ongoing genetic improvements to their bird.  The technical support and hands on approach of Hy-Line is second to none and we have enjoyed working with all the team.

Myles and Diana Thomas, T C Thomas & Son


Following a switch to a home mixed ration eight years ago my Hy-Line Browns have gone from strength to strength.  We are now running our Hy-Line Brown to an extended 86-week cycle.  Egg production is sustained and production is increased by 10-15% at certain times since switching to the home ration.  We could keep them even longer such is the condition with feather cover, weight and health, but even so we are achieving an extra three months from each flock.  Over a four-year period, the business is saving the cost of an entire 16,000 bird flock.  Our first flock of Hy-Lines was in 2008 and we haven't looked back since.  The technical support and information available from Hy-Line is first class.  Neil is always on hand to offer support and advice to maximise the flocks potential.

Paul Johnson, Yorkshire egg producer